Brand development
Collateral creation
Guideline creation

With the launching of voco, a new addition to the IHG hotel brands, Hotcake were tasked with building on the newly created brand style. Initially responsible for sense checking already created in-hotel collateral and the accompanying collateral guide, it ended up growing into something much more.

Progressing into the complete revising of the guidelines and in-hotel collateral. Building on this, Hotcake created a further additional 16 guides, playbooks and toolkits. Covering everything from visual identity, interior signage and photography through to uniforms. Hotcake are proud to now be the brand guardians for voco, dealing with requests from all over the globe.

Alongside the ongoing brand guardianship for voco, we have also been responsible for a wide variety of in-hotel and external collateral creation. Image manipulation and retouching is also sometimes needed (where time does not allow for a re-shoot), with a few complex examples of the work involved, shown below.